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Law of Attraction TV features premier content about “the Secret”, Universal Eternal Law, the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most crucial of the so-called “Universal Laws”. It explains an important aspect of Reality Creation – the process through which energy is condensed into physical matter within the bounds of space and time:

Your desire calls forth all things in your life.

This is the reason Reality Creation is referred to as a process of ‘Attraction’. You’re bringing into physicality whatever you desire from the unlimited source energy of the Universe. You are “pulling” in to being your entire reality – your body image, your world, and the issues, people and scenarios that fulfil your expressed desires.

How can you use the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is always at work 100% of the time. You’re, quite simply, living a life you have attracted from your desires – positive or negative.

Law of Attraction TV logoSo, are you living a life you love? If yes, then you will be a person who understands how to use the the Law of Attraction in your life. We celebrate your achievements! If you are not living the life you love, or feel that there is more you want to achieve, then let us step back a moment to look at creating your reality in more detail.

To understand the Law of Attraction it is important to understand that your “desires” are your “focussed thoughts”. By “focussed”, we mean those thoughts that hold most of your conscious attention – the things that you think about most of the time.

Thoughts have an electromagnetic reality. Beliefs are powerful thoughts that define your world. Emotions are generated by your thoughts. Your emotions and your imagination both follow your belief. On the top of this are the ‘consensus’ beliefs of all entities that are physical, that are a part of the interaction with your presence on the Physical Plane – mineral, plant, creature and cosmic. You can see, then, how your own thoughts and feelings, bounded by your persona beliefs, and impacted further by the beliefs of your community generate the reality your experience.

Your daily life is a concert of vibrations, developed by you and all others; interfering, mingling and super-imposing their harmonics to create the Physical plane.

There exists a continuous interplay between your self and others in the trade of thoughts, equally telepathically as well as on a level.

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